BareStock is a private equity company specialized in trading and investing on technology companies.

When we are not busy following the market we develop financial software. When this activity result in an app that we consider useful for other investors we make it available for the community. Check the App section to find out about our latest releases.

The best way to know more about us is to follow us on Twitter at @barestock. We post live comments on the market and on our trades or investments. We believe that Twitter is the best platform for live market commentaries.

Occasionally we also post a few larger articles in our blog where we react to the events happening on the market and comment overall on the trends on technology and investment in technologies companies. But lately Twitter ha become  a more reactive way to talk about the market trend.

We invest in innovative companies capitalizing on technology disruption that are positioned for rapid growth and market leadership. We use advanced analysis to determine the best investment opportunities. We apply advanced trading techniques to maximize our profit and protect our assets.

BareStock is led by an integrated team of investors and operators with deep technology and financial markets experience. We believe that technology disruption creates exciting new opportunities for innovative companies.