More than Poland, really?

That’s it! You may have heard of it but Apple has reached the exclusive club of the company with a market capitalization over $500 billions.

That certainly deserve some celebration but instead what you see all over the place is all sort of comparisons. The latest one claim that Apple is bigger than Poland! And I would like to point out how stupid that kind of comparison can be!!!

The market capitalization of Apple is indeed slightly over $500B but it does not make any sense to compare that to the GDP of Poland because the GDP is the amount of wealth produced by Poland in a year and certainly not the value of the country (otherwise it would be really really cheap and worth buying).

A more meaningful comparison would be to compare Apple Net Income with a country GDP. Using the last full year available data for Apple income ($26 B for the fiscal year ending in September 2011) the company would rank 89 out of 232 countries, just before Ethiopia.

And if that sounds weak to you, remember that we are comparing the profit of a company with the total wealth produced by a country. Also keep in mind, this Net Income is growing much faster than any country has ever been able to grow. With a forecast for 2012 at an estimated $40 B the company would rank #78.


There is currently a lot of noise around Apple with supposedly bad consequences for the company. The main source of noise is the condition of manufacturing of Apple products in China.

People are outraged (supposedly) by the work conditions in foxconn factories. I see that mostly as noise without significant repercussions.

A few supporting facts:

- conditions at Foxconn are overall better than in most chinese factories. Salaries are higher, infrastructures are better.

- workers line up like crazy to get a job there, they are certainly not forced to work there.

What people don’t realize is that working conditions in China are nowhere close to what we see in developed countries. That’s why there is so much manufacturing done there. That’s also why the american market is flooded with cheap chinese made items. And let’s face it, those same american shoppers who are supposedly outraged by those working conditions would never give up the availability of those cheap items they so much enjoy buying!

Time to stop the hypocrite outrage.

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