About Us

BareStock targets investment in market-leading companies with:

  • Attractive business models
  • New growth opportunities
  • Disruptive products
  • Massive scale potential
  • Strong, committed management teams

We look to invest in innovative companies capitalizing on technology disruption that are positioned for rapid growth and market leadership.

We seek to invest in a limited number of company and to structure each investment in a manner best suited to the investment opportunity.

We believe our industry focus and technology knowledge will generate superior financial returns for our partners.

We believe that changes in technology create disruptive growth opportunities for innovative companies. We believe that long-term value is more important than optimizing quarterly performance.

Our team has extensive experience in technology and financial markets.

We are particularly focused in investment opportunities in the following sectors:

  • Online
  • Mobile
  • eCommerce
  • Cloud

We look for companies with disruptive products, rapid customer adoption, deep user engagement, large addressable markets, exciting growth opportunities, and attractive long-term business models.

BareStock has extensive experience managing and investing in high growth, market leading new media and technology companies.