Apple vs EPEAT – behind the scene

Interesting game of chicken between Apple and EPEAT.
Let’s explain a little. Apple makes computers and computers need to be recycled when we stop using them. But Apple makes innovative products with a design that sometimes goes behind what has been done (and recycled before). The latest MacBookPro Retina display is a good example of that, it features a few things that have not been done before (like a battery glued to the case).
EPEAT is one of those independent companies hired to rate the environment friendliness of computers, they put a label that guaranty a certain level of compliance.
Of course when a government agency want to buy a computer it needs to have that certification otherwise it’s just impossible to get it through the door.

Now let see how things play out.
- Apple cannot get EPEAT to certify their latest MacBookPro with Retina display. Not because that thing is treating the wellbeing of our environment but because it uses some techniques that are simply too new.
- Apple remove all of its product from EPEAT.
- Government agencies start complaining big time (they want their Macs so I can feel their pain).
- Background discussions take place.
- Apple apologize for making a mistake by removing their products from EPEAT and join again.

What you are not told is that in the meantime and without any publicity the MacBook Pro is now gold certified by EPEAT (after being previously rejected).
Interesting way to get what you want through an apology.

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