So tired of Facebook

No I’m not talking about the stock, I’m talking about the service.

It’s pretty clear now that the stock found its price (at least for now) around $32 and the next step will be July 26th with the earnings.

What bothers me is really the service itself. Every time I try to go there and change some settings it takes me forever and it is so frustrating. I know I know, it is by design. They don’t want you to change settings (they are too good at doing it for you anyway). It is simple you may take control of the way the services function, so it’s better to not make it simple.

Anyhow even the service itself has become much more complicated than it used to be. You have a bunch of new tools, lists everywhere, pages, groups, apps. I really think it starts to suffer from pilling up additions on top of enhancements and upgrades. that starts to hurt the quality and the usability.

So for now I decided to stay away. I disconnected the automatic posting of tweets and blog posts. If you want to follow me, do it on twitter or subscribe to this blog.

The trend is not good on Facebook in my opinion.

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